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Democracy in its Purest Form

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Democracy has a definition that is difficult to pin down, not least because it represents a spectrum of ideas as opposed to a singular concept. However, to facilitate the discussion which follows, we will offer up our own: Democracy: Any system of government where each decision has an outcome which aligns with the wishes of…

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The Ballot and the Blockchain

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The American inventor Jacque Fresco once said: “Even if the most ethical people were elected to the highest positions … there would still be lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption. It is not ethical people that are needed but rather intelligent management.” If Fresco’s assertion is correct – that improvements to democracy come not from how we…

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Free Speech on the Blockchain

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We ran a piece previously on the Blockchain’s Pandora’s Box which explained how certain changes are coming that, whether we wish for them or not, are inevitable because of the Blockchain’s inherent immutability. One glaring omission from that piece was Free Speech. There are, in essence, two dominant schools of thought on the subject –…

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